Anthem of a 20-something girl

So I guess I have a blog now. Or I should say, this is my attempt to have a blog. I’ll start on the title for one second, first of all it’s long, I know. But the title of my blog, or the blog itself did not in fact come out of nowhere. It’s something that I’ve been encouraged to do for a while ( there’s your shout out dad ) and I’m finally doing it.

I had lots of titles in my head, but because blogs have been around for a while all of the ones that I thought were brilliant and I wanted, were obviously taken when I googled searched them.

But some of my titles were also horrendous so I feel like this is a happy medium. The title of my blog actually comes from a favourite song of mine but with the title a bit switched around; anthems for a seventeen year old girl by Broken Social Scene

I often feel like myself, now being a 20 something, and the seventeen year old girl I was at one point still have a lot in common. I still get lots of crushes, I think I feel things too much and feel like Shosh in Girls when she says “stay out of my emotional way”, and of course being insecure about most things.

But I also like the word anthem. Feels like a statement, something you are putting out there that you stand for. So I’m hoping that that is what this blog will be about. My anthems of things that I feel are important, that I’m passionate about, and something I’m putting out in the universe.

Currently my anthems are:

  • Theatre/ Film ( I like to create things/ act in things/ produce things)
  • Feminism ( the longer I’m in this world the more this resonates with me )
  • Books/ Literature ( I’m basically Rory Gilmore I carry a book everywhere)
  • Good Coffee ( Yes I’m a hipster loving coffee person )
  • My favourite mantra- you do you which pretty much explains itself.


That’s probably enough of my anthems at the  moment they may vary or expand at any point but I think that’s at the heart of them. I have no idea how long these blog posts are supposed to be and feel like this is already too long. I’m also on a lot of other social media so you can feel free to follow me there too

Twitter: @rebajesse


I’m out for now but this 20 something girl is going to hopefully be blogging a lot more in the future.

rebajesse – actor, caffeine, 80s love, repeat

I’ll leave with a link to that song here :




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