Nuit Blanche is my Cheap Thrill

One of my favourite events in fall ( besides my birthday ) is coming up this weekend. I’m talking about Nuit Blanche. If you don’t know what Nuit Blanche is I would say I don’t entirely blame you, some people don’t. It only got introduced to Winnipeg in I think 2011 or 2012. But it’s been around for a while, and actually started in Europe I believe. The Helinski festival in Finland was the first to do it in 1989 followed by Barcelona in about 1990. ( You can fact check that if you like- that’s what Wikipedia told me anyway )

It’s basically an all night art party. Just hearing all night art party has me buzzing like I’ve had too many cups of coffee and I start talking faster like Lorelai Gilmore. Everything is open late and I’m not talking 10 pm late I’m talking 1 am, 2 am late when I say all night I’m not kidding. Art galleries will have exhibits, places will be open up later and sometimes put up art or installations in their buildings, normal empty urban spaces become places of creativity and art. A few years ago I went to a parking lot behind the MTS centre that was entirely filled with lit up ping pong balls and my friends and I created images on the cement with them. I even have a cool picture of myself holding some lit up ping pong balls and it looks like I’m holding a ball of light, or a ball of art.

Also place like coffee shops are going to be open later. My inner caffeine addict definitely rejoices at that. As well as doughnut places, coffee and doughnuts and art? You seriously can’t go wrong. Parlour’s going to be open late as well as Bronuts, ( both in the exchange ) the WAG is also open late and you can wander their art gallery and go on the roof as well.  I would encourage people to line up early for some stuff, ( like the WAG they tend to have big lines as it gets later ) but I would say just get out there and go wander around the exchange or St. Boniface or downtown. Did I mention everything was free? Because it totally is and that may be the best part is that anyone can go to this and experience different forms of art in one night.

I’ve always loved Nuit Blanche ever since it started in Winnipeg, I’ve been fascinated by art every year and different people’s ideas of what art is to them. I’ve also wanted to be a part of it. Oh so badly. It may be on my bucket list despite not believing in bucket lists ( I feel like you should just do what you want to do in your life and you don’t need a list for that ) I’ve wanted to have some sort of art displayed or do my version of art, which is theatre. And this year I get to. I’m elated.This may be a bit of self promo but it is also my blog so I’m just doing me.

I had a show in March called After the Ball is Over, anyone that I think went to it was confused, and not sure what they were getting into but super intrigued and people I talked to afterwards loved it. It was an immersive, collaborative theatre experience unlike any I had ever had before and I was addicted. I wanted to do something like it again immediately. I remember asking my director a question about something I was doing and she said something like there is no right answer. I loved that. I could explore and do things and have a creative freedom that sometimes I feel I don’t have.

This show is getting remounted. We ( and by we I mean a whole bunch of really cool creative artists and myself ) are doing After the Ball is Over this Saturday night October 1st at Nuit Blanche. It’s at the Rudolph Rocker Centre, 91 Albert Street, in the exchange. It has more people, more mystery, and while some things are the same some things I think are different. I really don’t want to give anything away then just telling you to come and experience it for yourself, because that’s what Nuit Blanche is all about. I would also say come for a party, come for a dance, come for punch because I know there will be some.

Our party starts at 9 pm on Saturday and that’s where I’m going to be this Nuit Blanche. I would encourage everyone to get out and explore the city Saturday night. Or if you’re in a different city try to find out if your city has a Nuit Blanche night, maybe they do and it’s a chance for you to check out something seriously cool that happens all over the world.

Here’s a link to the Nuit Blanche website in Winnipeg :

Also my past few shows have had a lot of songs by Sia in them so I’ve been listening to her a lot to kind of get in my creative mindset. She also has good dance jams so here’s her song Cheap Thrills to get you in a mood for Nuit Blanche. ( Also Nuit Blanche is free she talks about not needing no dollar bills to have fun tonight )



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