My creative outlet

So Halloween was yesterday. For the most part on the actual day of Halloween I didn’t do that much. I went to work, came home after, saw my niece and nephew get dressed up and be cute for Halloween and probably ate too much candy.

That being said that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Halloween. I’ve found that particularly with Halloween it’s either something people like or hate. It’s an either/or situation. I definitely fall into the category of liking Halloween, I think I always have. Save for some years when I thought I was over Halloween I’ve always enjoyed dressing up for the event.

The older I get  I feel like I shouldn’t be as “into” Halloween anymore, but I think my liking Halloween is contagious among my friends. For the past few years they’ve always asked me what I’m going as, and my one close friend even asked me this year what her costume should be. This is all to say that I am not one to half-ass Halloween anymore. I either go big or go home.

Halloween can be seen as some sort of greedy holiday that is in fact not a holiday at all.  I choose to see it as a creative opportunity to DIY your costume. I’ve never been someone that goes out to buy a specific costume. I wanted my parents to buy me one when I was younger, but that’s because I didn’t know any better. My best costume as a child was when I went as Zorro ( defying gender norms from an early age apparently) and I had to get creative and put a bunch of pieces together after a trip to value village.

Some of my best costumes have been in recent years when I’ve planned my Halloween costume a few months in advance. Last year was one of my faves when I went as Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. This year depending on my hair colour I wasn’t sure about my costume.

Currently my blonde-ish hair stage meant that I might go as Buffy, or Penny Lane from Almost Famous although I didn’t think her character was recognizable enough.

* I learned at an early stage that if people don’t recognize your costume you are going to be sorely disappointed no matter how awesome your costume is *

And then I saw Ghostbusters with my friend this summer.  As someone who thinks about Halloween in summer I knew what my costume was going to be. I could also re-use my goggles and leather gloves from being Ramona Flowers for my Ghost-busting Jillian Holtzmann costume.  Finding a jumpsuit was going to be probably the most difficult part of my Halloween costume. Especially because I didn’t want to order one online and pay a copious amount of money for a costume I’d probably wear once.

To value village I went. And nothing. I was almost considering going as Holtzmann in her daily life but knew I wouldn’t be recognizable and that wasn’t going to fly. So then I went to Party Stuff where I asked one of the retail people if they had jumpsuits. The closest thing she had was a green jumpsuit from top gun that was covered in U.S. badges and about 2x too big for me. Some people might be discouraged at this point. I saw it as something I could work with and a new Halloween challenge to step up my DIY game.

I went to Michaels last week to acquire bright orange duct tape and to make my own Screw U necklace that Kate Mckinnon wears. I knew I had a belt at home that would solve some of the 2x too big problem and provide shape so I didn’t look like a box. Saturday with a borrowed backpack from my sister, a flashlight, a vacuum part, duct tape, wire and a smoke detector I worked on my proton pack. My Halloween game was going to be majorly stepped up if it killed me.

I’ve never really seen Halloween as this sort of creative outlet that I have. My dad reminded me that I’m creating for the sake of creating something, even if it’s just for Halloween. It’s true I get incredibly crafty at Halloween, and driven to make my costume as excellent as possible.

Being this crafty at Halloween makes me think I could be a costume designer or something but in reality I can’t sew at all so I just appreciate my crafty-ness once a year.  It’s this small creative thing that brings me joy every October and my little creative outlet if I have nothing else going on. I went to a Halloween party this past weekend as Jillian Holtzmann from Ghostbusters and people loved my costume. Someone even told me I won Halloween. I think it’s good to remember small things that can bring you joy, Halloween is one of mine and I look forward to it every year.

I feel like I hyped up my Halloween costume so much this year it would be unfair if I didn’t post a picture so here is me being Jillian Holtzmann from Ghostbusters:


I also forgot about this picture which I love from when my friend and I went to the Rocky Horror Picture show last year and we went as Magenta and Columbia ( another fave costume of mine I went as Magenta, she went as Columbia)


As someone who LOVES Rocky Horror here is The Time Warp for you to listen to on this post Halloween day as well. ( From the original of course )


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