You’re Still A Contender

So Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life was released this past weekend. And unless you’ve been living under a rock you or someone you know has probably talked about it or watched it.

** Don’t worry no spoilers here, I recognize that everyone may not have binge watched it like I did until 4 am**

People always seem to ask why Gilmore Girls? What is it about this show? The people I’ve talked to friends and family alike seem to either hate it or love it, there is no in between. People that hate it for the most part hate that they talk so fast. The people that love it love the pace of the show, myself falling into the latter category. As an actor I am incredibly impressed and fascinated that they can talk that fast. People don’t seem to know that that is an incredible skill and incredibly difficult. I don’t know if I could do it. And it is true their scripts are twice as long as normal scripts because of how fast they talk.

I don’t know if I can pinpoint an exact reason why I like it but I can try, from my perspective anyway. ( This is anthems of this 20 something after all) The trials and tribulations of Lorelai’s and Rory’s relationships are definitely relate-able. But at the heart of this show, at the heart of everything is this fascinating mother-daughter relationship that seems to not exist IRL. ( Or no one I know has that kind of relationship with their mother )

They are best friends, they tell each other everything, they hang out together because they want to. They tell each other about their dating lives. Again, fascinating. Now I didn’t grow up with a single mom, and my mom didn’t have me at 16 either. I have a fairly well rounded family with siblings and my parents have been together since like the dawn of time. But the closeness of Lorelai and Rory’s relationship fascinates me. Even with Emily who doesn’t get along with Lorelai throughout this series there is still this closeness that she now knows so much about her daughter’s life and in turn her granddaughter’s life.

And Rory. Rory for me is everything that wasn’t on television at that point in time. She was a hardworking girl who wanted good grades, who wanted to go to an Ivy League College and boys were always an after thought. As someone who didn’t date in high school this was huge for me. While I loved The O.C. I could without a doubt say that Marissa and Summer (as much as I loved Summer) were entirely un-relatable and despite the amount of guys I could count that were like Seth Cohen, their lives did not echo mine.

Rory had huge ambitions, she wanted to do well, she wanted to get along with her mom and make her proud and I got that. I constantly wanted to get good grades which I mostly did, where things like sports were never my thing I loved school. Minus science for the most part, I did well in school. Even when Rory flipped out about not wanting to go to Yale and not being good enough, I felt I could relate. I had a similar moment after first year of University and questioned whether I should go back.

Of course I will always be #teamjess and am still looking for some article of clothing to commemorate that. IMO he matched Rory intellect for intellect and challenged her in ways her other boyfriends never did. But the fact that Rory doesn’t end up with any of her boyfriends at the end of Season 7?  It kind of makes sense to me. She was always bigger  than any relationship she ever had and always had outside goals and ambitions, and that’s what I liked about her. She didn’t let the Madeline and Louise’s of the world control her dating life and while she did date incredibly good looking guys, she did manage to always put her life first, whether it was her studies or hanging out with her mom.  She was always an independent woman who was very smart and honestly no guy could probably keep up her.

And what does she get from all of this? Oh yeah she gets to follow Obama around on his campaign trail and report it. Pretty cool. Now I know people may or may not know what happened in A year in the life, and I won’t make spoilers here, but this is just my opinion from the first seven seasons of #gg. I also have a flood of opinions from the revival but I figure I’ll let people watch it first to form their own.

I’ll leave with one of my fave quotes from A year in the Life though and this is not a spoiler but it was in the trailer so if you didn’t see the trailer I apologize in advance and don’t keep reading:

It is indeed a jess and rory interaction:

Rory: I could’ve been a contender!

Jess: You’re still a contender.

Through everything Rory has been through she’s still a contender, and no boy was going to alter that for her.

But also this picture:


And the trailer:


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