Not here to be your social media moral conscious

Merry boxmas! Or christmas, or hanukkah or however you decided to spend your holidays, religious or not.

I apologize for being a bit AWOL ( if people are still using that term) last week, I figured that I had already written about christmas so I didn’t know what to write about and I got lazy as well. I got off work on Friday and for the first time since university I have like 10 days off in a row over christmas! It’s crazy! I may do some things I may netflix and eat chocolate the entire time and have no one but my cat to judge me for doing it. Who, by the way is ecstatic that I am at home for long periods of time where she can sit on me and be content for hours at a time.

Onward. Something I thought I would talk about or open up the convo to talk about is social media. I know, its not entirely christmas related but you know what it’s officially the 26th so I’m off the hook for talking more about christmas.

The world of social media didn’t exist that much for me as a kid. I remember when we got our first computer and it was a big deal because not all of my friends had them yet. When I got msn I was over the moon and come high school you could not get me off msn. But things like facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, snapchat you name it didn’t exist yet. Facebook came out when I was in grade 12 and I’ll be eternally grateful for not having evidence that I had braces, glasses and terrible acne throughout high school all over my social media outlets.

I got twitter when I was in university, I will say that my dad being the social media guru person that he is ( this is fairly accurate you would have to meet him to confirm this) likes to point out that he had twitter before my brother or I even knew what twitter was about. I got it in 2011 so in my second last year of university.

I was one of those annoying people that was anti-twitter just because I didn’t understand how twitter worked. But oh man. When I got it. Sure I probably tweeted about things ( still do ) that people don’t really care about. But I quickly came to the realization that you know who else has twitter? Actors. And celebrities. And people I had had no previous contact with at all but just fangirled hard core over and suddenly I could tweet at them?! They could respond?! MIND BLOWN.

Now I realize as much as I like tweeting at celeb’s that it becomes one of those annoying things that will get me un-followed, same as if I live tweet watching Felicity ( which I did last christmas because have you seen that show?! OMG). Some days I care, some days I don’t care and I’m just like whatever brah, just let me do me.

A variety of people that I’ve gotten responses from are Milo Ventimiglia, Ben Feldman, Zoe Kazan, George Strombo, Julia Stiles, Ingrid Michaelson, the Backstreet Boys (ohmylanta I couldn’t handle life that day) and Mara Wilson. To name a few. One famous time I asked George Strombolopolous to wish me a happy grad from university in 2012 and he did better than that. He made me a fucking video, when he was on the road somewhere with people and took time out of his life to make me a small 36 sec video wishing me good luck with my future. It was the best grad present I got.

Now that’s the fandom side of me being on social media. But as an actor it’s also a tool. To promote stuff I’m doing, to connect with other local winnipeg actors or whatnot that are on social media. It’s taken me a while, and some fabulous workshops I’ve taken, to know that as an actor I’m a brand. I’m selling a certain brand and the brand is myself.  And I know some people that don’t “believe” in social media. And that’s fine. Live your life. But they most likely aren’t my target audience. Even casting directors want to be able to search for you on the internet and also since this blog I think I’m more searchable than ever now.

Case in point, someone I matched with on tinder freaked out that I had met Patti Smith, which I wrote about on my blog – see very searchable. I’ve literally had people come up to me and tell me that they read everything I post on fb, which in itself is scary. Sometimes I tell people that I’m more unfiltered on twitter so if you can handle me at my Facebook, you can handle me on twitter. I’ve also had people say it as a derogatory term like oh yeah I know, I read it on your Facebook. To that I go, so? At least you read it, you may not have liked that you read it, but you did and I’m not here to be your moral conscious on social media.

So yeah, sometimes I’m on my phone way too much. I would like to add that who isn’t? And sometimes it takes me away from things and when it does I try to check in with myself. Like if I’m spending time with people do I need to check my phone to see if Milo Ventimiglia liked my tweet? Probably not.  I’ve heard in the past that today’s kids will probably be good or end up doing jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. When I was growing up there was no such thing as a social media coordinator, if you wanted to be social you probably picked up the phone to call someone. I didn’t know there would be a job that didn’t even exist yet that I wanted. * Again outside of acting, because we all know how much money that doesn’t make…*

Most days I feel good about my social media usage, and there are days when I try to cut back, and actually if I’m staring at a screen too long I get a headache, at which point it is definitely time to go read a book. Last night I was live tweeting about a terrible hallmark card movie I was watching that was actually getting a lot of likes. I may do the same tonight.

As always if you want to follow me on other outlets:

my twitter is @rebajesse ( public )

and my instagram is @rebajesse ( it’s private but you can always ask to follow me )

I do wish I could show you the video which I would post here from George Strombolopolous but keek doesn’t exist anymore and I’m currently trying to get him to send me a new link to the video but it hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s a nice Ryan Gosling meme that I found that feels accurate:



And here are some pics that I do in fact get tweeted at





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