Why I March

This past weekend was the Women’s March On Washington. It was the first of hopefully many marches that happened across every continent this weekend. It was a march to take a stand for women’s rights everywhere.

Here is a quote from the women’s march on washington website that explains a bit more:

In the spirit of democracy and honouring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore. The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.

I also marched this Saturday in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I don’t know the numbers exactly of how many people showed up but last I heard it might have been 3000? Which is pretty great for Winnipeg. The weather was also amazing and I would like to think that hopefully that many people would show up if it was -40 but I have my doubts. Now I liked the march, and I supported it but was also feeling conflicted as I knew many people that didn’t support it for various reasons ( none of them being that they support trump- they don’t) didn’t go to the march.

First of all it was a largely re: probably 90 percent if not more caucasian people. My one friend pointed out that where were all these white women during woc or poc marches? And I couldn’t agree more. Would they have shown up? Did they show up? Difficult questions to ask I know. Do we only care about the #marchonwashington because it only directly affects white people? ( I say this knowing I myself am a white feminist and presumably already get judged for such things)

Were people all jazzed about it because every celebrity on the planet was live tweeting/ insta-gramming/ showing their support in one social media aspect or another and therefore got more press than other marches? I wonder.

Now I know there was also an outrage about the amount of signs that talked about how being a woman and having a uterus was what made women powerful and no one could own their uterus and proclaiming joy over their periods. From what I heard the backlash was from transgender people specifically trans-women who may not have had uterus’s and felt left out and these signs somehow pointed out that not having a uterus made them less of a woman. Which made me upset because I’m one for saying you do you, you be you. I don’t think that not having a uterus doesn’t make you less of a woman and I’m jealous that you don’t have to bleed every month and spend a ridiculous amount of money on tampons.

For myself, I’m all about being inclusive. I’m all about powerful women and whatever sexuality identity you are. I know posting these things may create a backlash on myself, because this post is getting political and delving into politics is not something I’ve ever been fond of.

But the more that terrible things keep happening out in the world the more I feel like I have to speak up and suffer the backlash with my other fellow women. I mean seriously Fuck Trump am I right? Raising awareness that women still get mistreated as often as we do is important, the work pay gap is still happening and needs to be addressed, the number of women that go missing/ are murdered in a year is not ok and we need to do something to stop it.

I marched this weekend for myself, for women that couldn’t march and for all the women I love and support in my world and those I have not met yet. I marched for gender equality and to start an important conversation that we need to keep being pro-active and fighting for women’s rights and justice because this conversation matters, because we matter.

I’ll leave with another segment from the March on Washington website:

We believe that Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights. We must create a society in which women – including Black women, Native women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Muslim women, lesbian queer and trans women – are free and able to care for and nurture their families, however they are formed, in safe and healthy environments free from structural impediments. 

Say it with me now: Females are Strong as Hell.

Here is a link to the site that I quoted also there is some cool stuff/ information on there so check it out:


Also here are some photos of the march that happened in winnipeg this weekend, we didn’t march very far and at times it didn’t feel like a lot of people were there. So we may be small but we are mighty


And another fave of mine this one says Donald Trump’s reading list * includes twitter for dummies* I loved it because it was creative and made me laugh.



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